50 Low Carb + High Protein Cookbook

Koalified to Cook – 50 Low Carb & High Protein Recipes

Breakfast, Appetizers & Salads, Lunch & Dinner, Desserts

With Nutritional Information on all recipes.

145 Pages – PDF File –

4,99 USD

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This is a book for everyone who wants to cook homemade low carb and high protein meals.  

Some of you might wonder: “What does a koala have to do with cooking?” Well, the answer is quite easy: Everyone is koalified to cook! Even a small koala, who is rather known for napping. 🙂 With a little practice, everyone can discover their hidden cooking talent. What are you waiting for, dear friends? Let’s cook!

This is a preview on how the book (pdf-file) looks like. Every recipe has multiple pictures, which show you how to cook the meal step-by-step.