Eclairs with Vanilla Cream Filling

Eclairs With Vanilla Cream Filling

Ready in: 1 hour 30 minutes
Yield: 18 Eclairs

For the Eclairs:
Use the Basic recipe for choux pastry
(Choux pastry, made with water)

1. Preheat the oven to 390 °F (200 °C). Lay a baking tin with baking paper.

2. Transfer the dough into a piping bag fitted with a large star tip or round tip.

3. Pipe 8 cm 3 to 4-inch log shapes onto the paper. Bake until golden brown, about 22-25 minutes. (Do not open the stove, while baking!)

For the Vanilla Cream Filling:
15.2 oz (450 ml) milk
4.2 oz (120 g) granulated sugar
1 packet (8 g) vanilla sugar
1 packet (37 g) custard powder (vanilla flavour)
2 egg yolks
10.8 (320 ml) whipping cream
1 pinch of salt

confectioners’ sugar

1. In a heavy pan, combine 11.8 fl. oz (350 ml) of the milk with the granulated sugar, salt and vanilla sugar. Stir briefly until blended. Bring the mixture to the boil.

2. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining milk [3.4 fl. oz (100 ml)] with the custard powder and egg yolks. Stir to blend evenly.

3. Pour the egg yolk mixture into the boiling milk, stirring constantly until everything thickens, about 1 minute. Remove the pan from the heat and pour the mixture into a large bowl. Cover the cream with plastic wrap. Allow the mixture to cool completely.

4. Press the vanilla cream through a strainer. Stir 2 tablespoons of the whipping cream with the custard mixture. Beat the remaining whipping cream until it has doubled in volume and forms stiff peaks.  Using a wooden spoon, gently fold the vanilla cream into the whipped cream. (Do not stir the mixture.)

5. Keep the vanilla cream refrigerated until ready to use.

Variation: If you want to make a coffee cream filling ,add 2 tablespoons of instant coffee to the egg mixture.

Arranging the Eclairs:

1. With a serrated knife, halve the eclairs lengthwise. Transfer the vanilla-cream filling into a piping bag fitted with a star tip or a round tip.

2. Pipe the mixture onto the bottom halves of the eclairs. Cover with the remaining halves. Keep the eclairs refrigerated.

3. Sprinkle the eclairs with confectioners’ sugar.

Per serving (1 Eclair):

Energy: 184 kcal / 772 kJ
Fat: 12,5 g
Carbohydrates: 14,5 g
of which sugars: 10 g
Protein: 3,4 g
Fibre: 0,2 g



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